We’ve Found The 5 Best Sex Toys for Her

We’ve Found The 5 Best Sex Toys for Her

We know that selecting a new accessory for the boudoir can feel overwhelming.

There’s 1000s of new products to choose from every year – how do you even begin to choose the best sex toys?

If you own a vagina, we’ve got you.

Whether flying solo or playing with a partner, you’re going to love what’s on our  radar in 2021.

Here are the best sex toys for her that you’ll want to snap up quick-sticks.



The Most Hyped Clitoral Vibrator For a Reason – The Satisfyer Haute Couture Luxury


Kind of like the Tom Ford of sex toys for her, Satisfyer has a range of sleek vibrators that deliver exquisite climaxes.

The brand-new Haute Couture doesn’t compromise on Satisfyer’s history of memorable orgasms, delivering clitoral stimulation through powerful waves of vibrations.

In fact, there’s 11 pressure wave programs and 10 vibration modes to choose from. How’s that for choice? The Haute Couture is also particularly gorgeous for a clitoral vibrator. It won an award in Germany, so you know it’s high end AF.





The Two-In-One Magic Wand – Body Wand 2-Way Wand


We’re not going to lie – this new body wand hits all the right spots!

Like a swiss army knife of vibrators, you’ve got the classic wand massager head for blissful, broad external stimulation at one end, and a silky silicone wand at the other for internal pleasure.

Heads or tails? Why not both!






The Royal Treatment – Queen’s Luxury Collection


Say hello to a smorgasbord of sensations. For the person who simply must have it all, The Queen’s Collection is a regal assortment of all your must-have vibrators and dildos.

This pandora’s box of pleasure comes with a whopping TWELVE different toys to enjoy solo or with a partner.

TWELVE. And they’re gold plated and named after Greek gods and goddesses. You have permission to pass away from pleasure.





A G-Spot Vibrator with a Twist – Shots Media Heating G-Spot Vibrator


We know g-spot vibrators can be a bit same-same, so if you’re ready to experiment with temperature and dual stimulation, this heating g-spot vibrator is the one for you.

Aptly named Exquisite, this vibrator features an internal wand and an external bulb for dual clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

It also heats up to a toasty 42 degrees Celsius, increasing blood flow to your vulva for a more intense climax. Probably one for more advanced sex toy connoisseurs, it’s not for the faint of heart!





Your New Favourite Bullet Vibe – Skyn Thrill Vibrating Bullet



For targeted clitoral stimulation, a bullet vibe is an absolute necessity. We love a teensy bullet vibe because they’re easy to hold, and great for those who feel a bit intimidated by other larger vibrators on the market.

Designed in a beautiful rose gold, we love that this tiny vibe is cute and stylish. It also has a long battery life of up to 60 mins, because nothing kills the mood more than having to recharge mid-fantasy!


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