These Are The Best Sex Toys Of 2021!

These Are The Best Sex Toys Of 2021!

There’s something to be said for sex without toys.

Namely, it’s boring... We kid! 

While getting hot and heavy with your partner without accessories is fun in the beginning, we believe that expanding your pleasure through exploration is key to a thriving, happy and sustainable sex life. 

Here’s where luxury sex toys come in, and we’ve hand-selected a treasure trove of the best sex toys of 2021 that you’ll definitely want on your nightstand.



1. The Best Sex Toys of 2021

For long-lasting erections.

Hueman Neptune Vibrating Cock Ring



Not all cock rings are created equal, and the Neptune Vibrating Cock Ring is the king of this category. For partners with penises, a cock ring is key to harder erections and pleasure that lasts. Before they get too excited, the ring is placed over the base of the penis restricting blood flow and voila! Erections are harder, leading to sex that lasts longer.

The Neptune Vibrating Cock Ring, as the name indicates, features a range of vibration settings that both partners can enjoy. Whoever is wearing it gets to experience the rumbly sensations while grinding their partner, who also gets to enjoy up to 4 speeds and 6 patterns. The hard part is deciding!

And hey, if shower sex is your thing, it’s also waterproof too.




2.The Best Sex Toys of 2021

For taking charge.

PipeDream Strap-On Suspender Harness with 7 inch Dildo



If you’re not using to having a cock, you want a harness that ensures your dildo is easily manoeuvred and controlled.


Trust us!

This Strap-On Suspender Harness from PipeDream is ideal for tops who want to focus on pleasing their partners, rather than if their strap on is falling off their hips. Made of soft nylon that won’t irritate mid-thrust, this harness features leg straps, shoulder straps and waist straps that are easily adjustable for most sizes.

It also comes with a removable 7-inch dildo made from body-safe materials. 





3.The Best Sex Toys of 2021

For those who want a strap-on without the straps.

Strap U Evoke Rechargeable Vibrating Silicon Strapless Strap On




Topping your partner is a whole lot of fun.

Ensuring you’re both satisfied at the same time is even better.

And if you haaaaate wearing straps, we’ve got the dildo for you.

This chic strapless strap on works like a double-ended dildo: the bulb curves inwards and is worn internally, hitting your g-spot juuuust right. 

Each thrust simultaneously ensures your clit grinds against the external part of the vibrator, which is also attached to a smooth shaft for pleasing your partner.

We think it’s perfect for same-sex partners and straight partners alike who want to explore pegging.

This entire dildo is made from heavenly silicone, and it’s waterproof too.




4.The Best Sex Toys of 2021

For those who have impaired mobility.

Pretty Love Remote Control Algernon




We know part of the allure of a remote-control vibrator is based in fantasy.

Yes, the Algernon allows you to give up control to your partner, totally hands-free. 

And yes, you could wear it in public and let your partner bring you to orgasm, if that’s your thing.

But we believe the real benefit of a remote-control vibrator is the opportunity it gives those who are mobility-impaired.

If you have a broken arm or hand or have arthritis, using a vibrator is hard.

A remote-control vibrator takes out the hard work, while never compromising on pleasure.

This one features 12 electrifying speeds, and features both internal and external bulbs.




5.The Best Sex Toys of 2021

For soft vibrations.

JimmyJane Form 3




Turned off by hard, prodding and phallic vibrators?

The Form 3 is perfect for you!

Adorably shaped like a tongue, the Form 3 is discreet and looks nothing like some of the intimidating sex toys out there.

The vibrations are gentle, yielding to your touch while bending to reach exactly where you want.



Wrap Up

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