Yes, These Are The Best Sex Toys For Him

Yes, These Are The Best Sex Toys For Him

We know sex toys for men get a bad rep. But hear us out?

If you or your partner owns a penis and you’re not incorporating toys into your sex life, you’re missing out on a whole new world of orgasms.

From the best prostate massages to exquisite cock rings, we’ve got you covered for the best sex toys for him to enjoy.


For Devilishly Dual Stimulation – Rocks Off Naughty Boy Blue

If you’re no stranger to prostate massage, it’s time to kick things up a notch.

The Naughty Boy Blue is a dual action prostate massager that also targets the
perineum (that’s that little spot between the balls and the anus).

It’s made with soft and flexible silicone like any good prostate toy should be, and is easily manoeuvred with your hands.

Or you could just wear it and rock back and forth in ecstasy. It’s totally up to you.




For Satisfying Size Queens – Perfect Fit Fat Boy Ultra Fat Sheath 7

The OG in penis extenders, the Fat Boy Sheath is designed to add both length
and girth.

If you’ve never seen or heard of one before, imagine this: you slide on
this soft and pliable sheath over your cock, and it’s held in place by a base ring
that wraps around your balls.

The receiving partner experiences more fullness, and the wearer experiences the sheath like a stroker thanks to the internal nubs and ribs.

But you don’t have to have a partner to enjoy the Fat Boy! It works just as well solo for all genders.




Feel Harder, Longer – Hueman Saturn Vibrating Cock Ring

Getting a rock-hard cock is all about blood flow.

Whether you’ve had a few drinks or just can’t seem to get as hard you used to, don’t despair! A cock ring is going to take your erection to another level.

The Saturn Vibrating Cock Ring sits snugly over your cock and balls, keeping your erections harder, while ensuring you don’t knock off a load too quickly.

Bonus points for its optional vibrating function that both partners can enjoy.





Pocket Pleasure – Hercules Masturbator With Remote

If you’re a person with a penis, you might already know the benefits of a flesh

What you want to know is if this masturbator for men is discreet, and is it
realistic? Well, yes and yes.

Firstly, it looks like a basic flashlight, so you don’t have to worry about a casual
hook up stumbling across it.

Secondly, the internal tunnel is approximately 10 times better than your hand, and can be operated by remote.





Best Oral Accessory – Satisfyer Wand for Men

At first glance, the Satisfyer wand for men looks a bit confusing. It only covers a
small portion of your penis while using which might make it a bit useless if you’re
using solo.


But combined with oral, we think you’ll have a winning combination!!

Featuring an ergonomic handle and crafted from silky smooth silicone, it’s easy to
manoeuvre up and down, encasing your cock with grooved, vibrating details.


There are over 50 vibrating programs to choose from, which means hours of fun
for you both!

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